At our committee meeting last week due to problems with rehearsal space and many other contributing factors we made the very dificult decision to not go ahead with our pantomime Cinderella.  Peoples safety must come first and with all the Covid rules and restrictions changing all the time it would not be sensible to go ahead with auditions and to start rehearsals only to have to halt proceedings if a member of the group was told to isolate or worse still, contracted Covid. Rehearsals would be disrupted to say the very least. This situation would hinder the progress of the show and it would be even worse if the Government brought in restrictions nearer to Christmas that would put a stop to our pantomime going ahead. Financially this would be a disaster for the Society and so the heartbreaking decision had to be made before we start.



Unfortunately poor Cinders will have to wait a little bit longer for her Prince Charming. However, we will certainly keep the Society together and will be organising social and fundraising events as and when we feel safe to do so.